Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool Guy Bob Surlaw Version 1.2 is Live

A bugfixed/balanced version of Cool Guy Bob Surlaw is now available. It includes some other minor updates as well. Enjoy!

Change Log:

-Added a manual to the main menu.
-Some wallmap/layer issues have been fixed.
-Enemy HP lowered.
-Characters now learn a new spell after leveling up (Level 4 for Czarina, 5 for Clownius, 6 for Bob)
-Water Balloons for sale in Cow Mart.
-Starting money increased to $300.
-A brief visual scene added before first boss fight.
-Everyone now has a Defend command: Increases defense by 200% for about the length of two turns.
-Save prompts added after major events.
-Text box in Bob's house tells you you can rest on couch to restore HP now.
-First boss now drops a crystal that in future versions can be redeemed at the gym to teach Bob new skills.
-Added full NPC dialogue for Dinosaur Triple and added two new NPCs to New Beta City.

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