Thursday, July 1, 2021

Mid Year Favorites 2021


First half of the year's up, here's my favorite things of the year so far! Expect a more in-depth write up on each of these at the end of the year.


Persona 5 Strikers - Excellent sequel and a very fun brawler, a nice relaxing summer vacation mystery.

Later Alligator (Switch Version) - Cute, funny, nice minigames, great writing.

Nier Replicant - A remake of one of my all-time favorites, now with better fightin' and a great new ending.

Resident Evil Village - What genre of horror is this one? All of them. It rules. Funny, spooky, great atmosphere.


Promising Young Woman - An incredibly grounded horror/revenge movie driven by a remarkable performance by Carrie Mulligan

Come True - An incredibly effective mood piece about dreams with outstanding art design in its nightmare realm.

The Paper Tigers - I love stories that walk the line between genuine drama and abrupt silliness and this one balances that perfectly. It's sweet, moving, funny, and has really solid fight scenes.

Lapsis - A look at automation and the exploitative nature of the Gig Economy told through the eyes of a grumpy, ordinary dude just trying to pay his brother's medical bills.

Zack Snyder Justice League - A really fun movie on its own plus a damning look at studio meddling.


Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land - A refinement of and iteration on everything that came before, Marina's 5th album is her best work to date and probably my favorite new album of the last decade.

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