Sunday, September 15, 2013

Game Release - C. Kane

My newest game is 100% done, pending any bugs or balance issues the public finds. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available for download here:

A complete, illustrated manual explaining the game's characters and setting is available here

8bit and Glock did a really great job with the music and the playtesters did an awesome job catching little things I would have otherwise missed. I'm sure there are still one or two little issues that are going to crop up, so if you run into anything weird, let us know!


For years, video games have been moving further and further away from “toys” and more towards their one true goal: To Be Art.

With C. Kane, the dream of a thousand indie game designers has finally been fulfilled. Critics have asked when games would get their own Citizen Kane; we have answered their question. The answer is right now, in this game whose manual you are reading. Thank you for supporting Games As Art!

C. Kane is a short form turn-based RPG that streamlines the genre to its basics; fighting monsters, talking to people, playing dress up. Dungeons are minimalist, graphics are monochrome. Random battles are no more, bosses are numerous. A Shark guides the way. An original hip hop soundtrack provides the beats.


On his 18th birthday, a young Media Mogul begins a quest to save the world. The Earth is in ruins and the Dark Wizard Gettys rules from high atop the Dark Tower in the east.

With his father's sage advice safely in his mind, Charles recruits a band of brave warriors to cleanse the world of the Four Deadly Dungeon Masters.

Along the way, he may learn the truth about what destroyed this once beautiful world.

The Cast

Charles (C. Kane)

Charles is the son of a famous space captain. He awakes on his 18th birthday to disturbing news, as the Wizard Gettys' reign of terror continues.

Using his Journalism abilities, Charles can buff his and his allies' stats and debilitate enemies.


Leland is a lifelong friend of the Kane family and has lived in the space beneath their porch for several years. Leland comes from a distant town unknown to humans and always has a positive attitude.

Leland's Wildlife abilities are used for a variety of situations; absorbing enemy health, foraging for food, or simply laying down massive damage.


Charles' wife. Emily belongs to an order which is responsible for finding new bodies for humans who have died of unnatural causes. This order is essential in maintaining the survival of Monorado, the last known human settlement.

Using her White Magic, Emily can heal wounds, revive the dead, and boost magical attack power.


Once a pupil of the Dark Wizard Gettys, Susan is now part of a special force tasked with bringing him down. Susan is a stranger to the people of Monorado, living her life in the shadows outside of town. The Mayor trusts her completely.

Susan's Black Magic allows her to summon elemental allies to attack her enemies.


In the old days, Gettys was a friend of the Kane family. Now, he controls an army of the living dead and spreads disease across the land from his Dark Tower. No one knows how he controls this terrible power or for what purpose he wields his terrible magic.

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