Monday, July 29, 2013

Wobble Prompts - Movies in 2013

What's y'all's favorite movies of 2013 so far? This year's been kind of a dud for me so far. Spring Breakers and Star Trek Into Darkness are my top movies but there's not a whole lot else that's really done much for me. I liked Oblivion way more than most people but it's not a Movies I Love movie. Wolverine's really good but the final act's stupid enough to lower the whole thing for me, even if I still liked it a lot.

I expect The World's End to be in my top movies of the year. I really wanted to see Stoker. I still want to see Only God Forgives even if the reviews are super terrible.

I liked Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, World War Z, Gatsby, but none of them stuck with me in any major way. I need to see more non-blockbuster movies, I've been bad on that front this year.

Oz The Great and Powerful was my most forgettable movie of the year even if it wasn't bad. Jurassic Park 3D was the most enjoyable thing I saw but I can't consider that a 2013 movie. How about you people?


  1. I tried to see Into Darkness with my wife on Mother's Day weekend, but it was sold out.

    That was the only time we've had babysitting this year, so, uh.

    I used to live just down the street from a theater, and I'd go see something most weekends with my friends. KIDS THESE DAYS, I TELL YA

  2. I'm guessing I won't see most of this year's good stuff until it's on DVD or Netflix, but that's fine. I'm glad I saw Pacific Rim on a big screen though.

  3. The one and only movie I have seen in 2013 was Fast & Furious 6. I did enjoy it, and was able to laugh out loud at some of the more outrageously unbelievable sequences.

    I am also looking forward to The World's End, but probably not enough to see in theaters. I'll wait for netflix :)

    1. Furious 6 slipped my mind somehow but yeah that one was a ton of fun, even if the first act kind of dragged. The final 30 minutes are bonkers enough to make up for any flaws.