Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cool Guy Bob Surlaw - Demo Release

Just in time for The Heart of the OHR contest deadline, it's the Cool Guy Bob Surlaw demo!

Bob Surlaw's feeling down. His career is stagnant, his cash is running low, and he's hungry all the time. He realizes there's only one way to become a true Champion of Commerce: Getting a nose job. With his enormous new nose in hand, the world is at Bob's nostrils! Together with the funky fresh stylings of Dr. Clownius and a sea mammal with a bad case of gas, it's up to Bob to save the day once again.

This game can be played as a traditional turn-based RPG or purely as a story using the Game Mode menu option. Players new to Bob Surlaw and friends can get an optional history lesson when starting a new game.

Throughout the game, you must determine how Bob behaves. Will he take things in stride, throw a fit, or just play it cool? It's all up to you. Dialogue will shift based on your attitude, whether you want it to or not.

Use the Enter key to advance text boxes, select choices, and choose commands in battle. Use Esc. to open your menu. Save often and everywhere!

Demo notes:
-Currently, the world map and cutscenes are placeholders.
-Most sound effects will be replaced in a future version.
-The current demo ends after the first dungeon.
-In this version, no new skills can be learned by leveling up.
-Leveling increases HP and MP, all other stats must be boosted by finding equipment.

Game design by Paul Harrington. Music by Mr. 8-Bit and Glock.

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