Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Site Update - Trek Reviews

When I started this blog, one of my objectives was to review every episode of Star Trek over the course of however many years that would take. Turns out, this isn't a whole lot of fun for me. I'm a big Trek fan, but writing about each episode felt more like work than fun and I found myself hesitant to continue watching a show I loved because I didn't want to get further behind in my review backlog.

For my game reviews and movie reviews, I can write about whatever fits my mood at the time and content flows easily; for something like the Trek project, I was required to write about each episode as I watched them, whether I had something to say or not, and that's really no fun for anyone. If you want episode summaries, Memory Alpha does a better job than I ever could. As of right now, I've got a backlog of 24 watched episodes waiting on reviews, and there's no way I want to catch up with that. Because of this, I'm retiring from reviewing Trek episodes. I'll be leaving the Trek Review Archive up for anyone who wants to browse the old articles, but frankly, they're not particularly good.

To anyone who read and enjoyed these reviews, I apologize. Hopefully the rest of the site is still fun for you!

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