Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Star Trek TNG - 3x13 - Deja Q

"Q is seeking asylum on the Enterprise after he has been thrown out of the Continuum and stripped of his powers."

This is the one where Q becomes human and Worf tells him to prove it by dying. The Enterprise is busy trying to stop a moon from falling on some aliens with gross mouths and some energy beings are out to give Q the guff.

The moon plot is mostly babble, but the Q stuff is all good. This is probably my favorite Q centric episode. His scenes with Data teaching him to act human are played perfectly. It also has Whoopi Goldberg stabbing him in the hand. Not a whole lot to say here, you either like Q or you don't and your enjoyment will be determined by that. If you hate him, this one will drive you nuts! Most of the Other Qs we meet in future episodes are pretty bad (namely, the ones we meet in Voyager) but Corbin Bernsen is good here.

Worst part of the episode: The shameful jumpsuit they stuffed John de Lancie in for this episode. Best part of the episode: The mariachi band at the end.


  1. It is sad to think that in a few hundred years mariachi will probably be remembered only by a handful of omnipotent jerks.

  2. The Federation has truly boring taste in music.