Friday, June 12, 2020

Walthros: Renewal Demo 1.6 Now Available!

The latest Walthros: Renewal demo is now available! Aside from bug fixes, this is planned to be the final public demo. Download it below:


What's New:

-Added Retry option when you’re defeated in battle.
-Added Continue option to title screen to load last autosave.
-Added additional secret treasures to find on the World Map.
-Balance adjustment: KO’d heroes now recover 1 HP after battle in Normal Mode.
-Completed Bayswater Village zone.
-Completed optional dungeon (Grounded Ship).
-Added Bayswater side quests.
-Added Dinner with Friends scene to Bayswater.
-Fixed animations on some healing items.
-Fixed a bug with Salom’s Flip Flop attack.
-Adjusted costs of weapon upgrades.
-Adjusted cost of Salom’s multi-hit attacks.
-Added limited visibility to Alpha City Ruins.
-Added transparency effects throughout game.
-Added Burpin Bros arcade machine to Bayswater (In final version this will be moved to Flopsberg)
-Expanded hero bios and bestiary.
-Updated some hero and NPC graphics.
-Fixed uncommon glitch during Blue Shrine emergence scene.
-Fixed a visual glitch with Bunny Soda revive item.

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