Monday, January 4, 2021

Walthros: Renewal Demo 2.0 Now Available!



A new year, a new demo! This update adds some little bonuses, fixes some bugs, and adds a new dungeon not available in the previous demo.

Please note: While save files from the previous version should work in Demo 2.0, there may be some unexpected behavior.

Demo Version 2.0 - January 2021

Change Log:

-Updated some content so that demo saves will be usable in the final

-Demo now ends after Red Shrine.

-Bug fixes/stability.

-Added Trophies menu.

-Added Salom's Phone to main menu.

-Removed Key Items menu (too underused.)

-Added more mist to Bayswater Woods and altered area's title card.

-Redid opening credits.

-Added animations for Bob throughout the game.

-Altered animation for Dig Site cutscenes.

-Added permanent stat boost items to some shops (limited number)


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