Friday, March 13, 2020

Walthros: Renewal Demo 1.5 Now Available!

A new demo is now available! This adds another 45+ minutes to the original demo release on top of a variety of balance and quality of life improvements.

Download it here:

What's New:
  • Key Items menu added to main menu.
  • Three hidden locations added to World Map.
  • Three side quests added to Beta City
  • Side quest NPCs have quest indicators over their heads.
  • Area Map menu option now available in cities and in World Map.
  • New music added to some maps.
  • New friend: Miffany friend quest available in Bayswater Woods.
  • Story expansion: Bayswater Woods dungeon is now available. Bayswater
    Village is partially available, incomplete areas are blocked off. One side quest is available there.
  • Balance changes.
Please let me know how you're enjoying the game so far!

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