Thursday, June 4, 2015

Status Update

Hello my wobbly friends. I've been away for a while due to a family emergency that's taken all of my attention for the last couple of months. I'm planning on writing about it at some point, but need more time to heal first.

To try to focus my mind on positive things, I'm going to spend more time writing, as well as finishing up the C. Kane update for the Kickstarter backers. I'm sorry to have pushed so many projects back, but family comes first.

The next review I'll be working on is for the new version of Dark Souls II on PS4. Here's a screenshot gallery until then:

DS2 is the only game I've had a chance to play recently, but I have a decent backlog of content I need to finish writing from before. Lots of movie reviews to finish up, too. During my time away I saw Mad Max: Fury Road twice and Ex Machina and have plenty to say about both.

I'm definitely releasing the C. Kane update some time this month, even if only to backers. The game is still slowly rising on Steam Greenlight, but it might be a while before it makes it through there.

Thanks for your continued support.

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