Sunday, October 27, 2013

I revised my Carrie article, rewriting a couple of sloppy sentences, going further into the Harry Potter thing, and adding a whole new paragraph on Chris, after seeing it a second time and having a long talk with Becki about it. I wish I had time to see every movie twice; I really appreciated this one more a second time. According to my stats, no one read this review the first time anyway, and really, no one even saw the new version of the movie, so I don't feel bad reposting this!
Carrie (2013)

In other "films I've rewatched" news, I'm working on a long piece on Cabin in the Woods, which I took another look at for the first time since its theatrical release. I liked it a lot the first time through, but it largely fell flat the second time; things that worked for me at first didn't at all this time, and large parts of the film just felt completely dishonest in a fairly boring way. I hope to have that one written and posted in the next couple weeks, but anyone who knows me knows how incredibly slow I usually am with my movie posts.

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