Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 - Nintendo Conference Notes

I'll write something more in depth if I have a chance, but here are my impressions while watching Nintendo's main E3 conference. They're supposed to have a separate one for the 3DS later, which will be nice since this once barely acknowledged the system, showing three Mario games and trailers for a couple of third party games we've already seen footage of.

-I'm pretty happy to see Pikmin 3, seems like the perfect interface for the series.
-New Super Mario Bros U is an awful name but the game looks nice for the first time in this series.

-Hyping up a port of Batman Arkham City at this point is nuts. It will be $20 on every other system by the time the Wii U port comes out. The "introduction by Harley Quinn" was seriously painful to listen to.

-I sincerely hope Scribblenauts Unlimited doesn't have the disastrously bad physics of the first game. The producer saying that the first game allowed you to write anything you could imagine is a blatant lie, but it doesn't top Sony calling Heavy Rain Game of the Year 2010.

-Teaser reel showing off games that have either been out for a while on other systems or will be out already cheaper on other systems by the time the Wii U launches isn't exactly inspiring.

-Wii Fit gets even more accessories.

-They're hyping up a karaoke game that's somehow supposed to be more social because you're starring at a tablet to see the lyrics instead of a TV. Why would anyone buy this when Rock Band exists?

-New Super Mario Bros 2: I can't believe there are two of these coming out. Back to the boring visual style of the previous NSMB games. I'm sure the game will be fun but these visuals are really uncreative.

-I'm very glad the new Paper Mario is a traditional Paper Mario game and not a sequel to Super Paper Mario. These visuals will look really nice in 3D.

-I want to play the new Luigi's Mansion. Seriously more excited for this than the previous two 3DS games shown.

-The teaser reel for third party 3DS games didn't do anything for me. The new Castlevania isn't what I was hoping for.

-Lego City trailer: A rehashed Matrix joke in 2012. The game looks fun but maybe they should have stuck with Lego people not speaking.

-Nothing's better than people awkwardly video game dancing on a stage in front of thousands of people.

-ZombiU: Terrible name, but it could be fun. I seriously want to mess with the touch screen for Tetris-style inventory management.

-Nintendoland: Seems like a decent thing to pack in with the system, I couldn't imagine paying for it. Hopefully this is the WiiU's Wii Sports.

-No price or release date announced for the system that's coming out this year somehow.

Update: There actually were some new, unannounced games on Nintendo's E3 press site... that they decided not to show at the conference. http://e3.nintendo.com/games/#/wiiu/

I'm very interested in Project P-100; it's made by Platinum and it looks completely silly and chaotic. It's a new IP being published by Nintendo and it doesn't even get included in a trailer reel? Same goes for the new Wario game. How did they not announce these on stage?

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