Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Talk

As anyone who knows me knows, I'm bonkers for fried chicken, and I go to Buffalo Wild Wings way too often. I could use one that doesn't require an hour+ of driving. I sent this letter to their customer support address to try to resolve this issue.

"Dear Chicken Dudes,

Love your chicken. Good god is it tasty. Good prices, good pretzels,
good mushrooms. I've been going to the Leominster, MA location since
it opened in 2010, totally revolutionized my chicken eating plans. So
what am I writing for? WHAT UP? I'm writing to suggest locations for
new Buffalo Wild Wing Chicken Super Centers.

I noticed you recently opened a Saugus location too. Totally spreading
your wings across Massachusetts. That's good stuff! Your food's better
than That Other Saugus Chicken Place. So, here's the deal. In
Westford, MA there's a new shopping center opening in fall 2012:

You know what this place could use. I know it. We both know it, dude.
Throw up a Wild Wings there, get rich, spread the joy of sauce.

If that location won't do, then man, I'm let down. You'd make profit
off of me alone. So here's an alternative:

ANOTHER shopping plaza opening nearby, this one in 2013. What an
opportunity! TWO possible locations, both with lovely highway access?
They're directly off of 495 and very close to Route 2. There's no
place for chicken like the highway. Come on, do it. You'll make a lot
of chicken nerds really happy. There's nothing I could use more than a
Buffalo Wild Wings location that I could strut to instead of dealing
with automobiles. Just consider it. Thanks, peace, good luck"

I got a response pretty quickly, but this was all it said:

"Thank you for your suggestion for a restaurant location in Westford.  In the next two years, we are planning to add several hundred restaurants across the U.S., so your suggestion has been forwarded to our Development Team.  We greatly appreciate your feedback."

Sadly, not even a Free Chicken Coupon was attached.

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