Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicken Talk

I love fried chicken. My current favorite place to eat it is Buffalo Wild Wings. I could eat fried chicken (NO BONES) every night. Help me get rich so that I can.

Here's the flavors at BWW I've stuffed in my mouf. I have not had any of the rubs yet, I'm not really interested. I like SAUCE.

Sweet BBQ: Not yet.
Teriyaki: Enjoyed it in small doses, got sick of it pretty fast.
Mild: A good taste, but not strong enough.
Parmesan Garlic: Killed me. I was so sick from the garlic after eating this.
Medium: Not yet.
Honey BBQ: Tastes better on a burger.
Spicy Garlic: Tastes great on pretzels.
Asian Zing: Sweat and sourish. Tasted very hot the second you eat it but the heat fades almost instantly.
Caribbean Jerk: Makes my belly great. My favorite sauce.
Hot BBQ: Didn't taste very barbecuey.
Hot: Not yet.
Mango Habanero: Very hot, very unique flavor, my second favorite one.
Wild: Very hot but not really flavorful.
Blazin™: The hottest flavor, was not pleasant to consume. Wouldn't do it again.

New/temporary flavors:
Curry: Not very spicy, kind of boring.
That Jalapeno and Lime One: Sounds gross, not yet.


  1. I think they have some but not as part of the Main Chicken Selection. Maybe some day!!