Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let's Make a Mario!

Super Mario Maker's finally out, and it's wonderful. Sure, a lot of fan made stages are "flag pole immediately next to the start" junk or stuff that's absolutely ridiculously hard, but there's lots of good stuff out there, and there's plenty of Nintendo-made courses to play! If you're makin' Marios, how about sharing some of your stages? Unfortunately you need to use kind of a clunky code system instead of being able to search by user name, tags, or stage name or anything like that. Making progress, Nintendo, but you're still kind of weird about this whole internet thing. 

Here are my first stages. I haven't unlocked most of the stage maker elements yet, so they're pretty minimalist! If you've got a Wii U, give them a shot and post your own stage IDs. Let's stomp on everything! 

Chrome up and join the fight.
Metal, mayhem, and giant turtles!
Home Town Brickland (131D-0000-0027-0739)

There's huge guys all over the place here, but is bigger always better?
Big Squish 'ems (3053-0000-0027-66A1)

Use the power of the Mystery Mushroom to transform into everyone's favorite toad!
Toad Time (884E-0000-0029-4548)

Explore a gentle fish tank and find that toad!
Fish Tank Toad Time (BEF0-0000-003A-7E8E)

Brave the fight against Bowser and earn your passage to Valhalla.
 Chrome Hero Castle (4E30-0000-003F-0166)

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