Wednesday, August 28, 2013

C. Kane Beta Test

My newest game is almost complete, so it's time to recruit some outside testers. C. Kane is a short form RPG intended to finally be The Citizen Kane of Gaming. Featuring an original hip hop soundtrack by Mr. 8bit and Glock, minimalist grayscale environments, and goofy monsters, C. Kane is a 2D Japanese-style RPG that simplifies the genre to its core elements; fighting bosses, learning new spells, and engaging in absurdly self-important dialogue.

If you'd like to test, please take notes on everything as you go. Which jokes work, which skills need to be rebalanced, which Moral Choices you made, whether any equipment seems useless or overpowered. If you don't like turn based 2D RPGs, you're probably not going to have fun here.

Send me an e-mail or a private message and I'll send you the download link as soon as it's ready, which should be Friday night (August 30th) if all goes according to plan.

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