Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ideas Guy - Call of Duty: Moon Unit

Concept art for the new video game about guys fighting on the moon, Red Team guy is using a gun that shoots balls of yarn to guide his giant cat, Green Team guy is using a gun shaped like a snake and also it shoots snakes out of it.

In my ideal Call of Duty America is largely populated by kindly lizard people from the moon and the humans are fighting on the moon with paintguns for the lizards' amusement.

Just take the existing game and make it have moon gravity and put it on the moon and also lizards

Also they ride giant cats.

The big twist is the humans were also lizards all along.

We know by Star Trek canon that humans will eventually evolve into lizards (Star Trek Voyager: Threshold), so the events of previous Call of Duties just sped up this process but it happened SO fast everyone just forgot about it except the cats and THEY AIN'T TALKIN

The humans that still look human are bred for sport but yeah they're still lizards come on

JAR JAR BINKS costume DLC day one or free if you preorder at your local supermarket
The Sticky Tongue perk allows you to scale high walls! Pee-Usa gives you invulnerability to Stink Bombs 
How Wude allows you to turn off voice chat

There will be a DLC mission where you escort Snoop Dogg to a concert and then get busted by the police because the person who runs your service is shady

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  1. ON THE OTHER HAND: Feel free to hate on Threshold.