Sunday, May 20, 2012

Add Salom to Everything Contest - Round 2 Voting Begins!

Thank you to all of our artists who submitted pictures of Salom stuck in a pipe. 34 pictures were received, and readers voted for their top 10. It's time to crown the True Salom Champions!

Of the following ten submissions, vote for your favorite THREE. Order doesn't matter. You can vote here, on HamsterSpeak's Facebook page, or in the Add Salom to Everything thread on Slime Salad. Some of these pictures are by the same artists. Each artist can only win one prize. Otherwise it would be chaos!

10 - Salom Dew

11 - Internet Meme Salom

12 - With this Salom I Thee Barf

17 - NESalom
21 - Salom Effective

24 - Salom Hand

27 -Salom is Driving

30 - Salom Pong

32 - Salom Wars

33 - Where's Salom?

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