Sunday, March 11, 2012

Star Trek TNG - 3x09 -The Vengeance Factor

"The Enterprise tries to negotiate an end to raids launched by a group called the "Gatherers," but a murder threatens to prevent peace. "

Unexpected murders end up happening and a girl Riker falls in love with is all tangled up in them. This episode contains some of the worst Goony Costuming in the series (they look like bad Mad Max fan costumes) and features the single worst "computer, extrapolate the rest of the details of the face in this picture from the 1/6 of it that's visible" in all of Trek.

The murderous virus is basically the Metal Gear Solid series' FoxDie virus, a genetically designed virus that targets and kills very specific people when exposed to it. Layers upon layers of nerd here.

It deeply bothers me that when THE JIG IS UP! Riker vaporizes the murderer instead of, you know, using that stun setting that phasers are so famous for. You're up against an unarmed person who's no immediate threat to you, and you set your beam not to stun, not even to kill, but to vaporize? That doesn't seem very Starfleet of you, William T. Riker.

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